Founded by Sonia Newhouse in August 2007, Living Heart is a registered UK and Peruvian charity. The primary purpose of Living Heart is to help rural communities situated high in the mountains around the Sacred Valley of Peru in the areas of Nutrition, Health, Education and Conservation.

The projects are organised and run with specific values and great integrity, the most important of all being that we don’t just give to the people, they equally have responsibilities within the initiatives and together we provide a long term, holistic, self sustaining solution.


Our main initiative in the community schools is to provide a hot breakfast and lunch to all the children and some abandoned old people. Our food programme has been developed over the past 3 years to include 20 nutritious recipes with all ingredients locally sourced.  The benefits that have been realised from our food programme include more children attending school, greater energy levels to sustain attention in class, more enthusiasm at playtime as well as a higher level of sustained good health than previously.

We also provide basic medicines and first aid kits which are administered and monitored by our local nurse and which help to prevent the development of serious illnesses as a result of the local health posts being many hours hike away from the village.


Our main vision is a home for orphaned children, where they will learn to sustain themselves with permaculture.

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