Hearts Café has moved!

As of the 21 November 2011, we are now located on Avenida Ventiderio in Ollantaytambo. Please check out our ‘How to Find Us’ page for directions.

Hearts Café sells mainly wholefood dishes with fish, chicken and vegetarian options as well as food to go, offering a replenishing stop for tourists and locals with nutritious delicious foods before and after treks, climbing the ruins, for those on their way to or way back from Machu Picchu and of course for those who just come to chill out.

The primary purpose for Hearts Café is to raise awareness of the plight of the native people in the highlands to all those who pass through. In the café you will find updates on Living Heart initiatives, promotional material and helpful staff who can tell you all about us.

The menu has been carefully prepared to incorporate many vegetarian dishes, international and traditional English recipes too. It’s a great place for meeting people and chatting over a tasty capuccino, latte, mocha, English Tea, cold beer or a glass of wine.

Thank you to all our supporters and visitors over the last few years, we hope to see you all again some day.

Saving money on your water bill

Ever home owner in Airdrie, Alberta wants to save money on home utility bills and the water bill is not an exception. When you have made up your mind to save money on your water bill, there are certain tips that need to be followed. With the help of these tips you will consume less water, save money on your water bill and will be able to help the environment. If you are wondering how to save money on your water bill, read on the following tips.


Avoid Water Guzzling Baths:


Bathroom is a place where you need a good amount of water so it is better to begin with this place. Avoid taking water-guzzling baths and take showers in place of it. Installing a low-flow shower head is also a good idea. Do not keep the water running while shaving or brushing. Get the leaky taps fixed.


Use a High-efficiency Model of Washing Machine:


Use a washer to wash utensils and clothes. Hand-washing is not a good idea if you want to save on water bills. Get hold of a high-efficiency model of washer to reduce the water usage and to cut down the energy cost.


Go For A Dual Piping System:


Call a professional plumber and get dual piping installed in your building. This is important if you are collecting the rain water from the roof. Conserving rain water helps in reducing your water bills. If you have dual piping installed in your home, the rain water does not get mixed with the fresh water.


Have A Tankless Water Heater:


The other strategy of how to save money on your water bill is to get the tank-less water heater installed. When the hot water is supplied to you instantly, energy is not wasted in the keeping the hot water hot for a long time. There is only one drawback with tank-less water heater. It cannot supply water to all the areas of your building. Seek the help of a professional plumber to get sufficient units installed.


There are so many other ways to get the water conserved and to cut down on the costs of water bills. There are some people who go for storm water harvesting and there are other who collect water from air-conditioner condensate. If you have leaky taps, pipes or fixtures in bathrooms or kitchens get them fixed in time as this result in a heavy water loss over the time. Find more useful content at http://www.myrkr.com/ about saving water